jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Thirteen string lirone 2.

そしてここに終了する器械のある映像がある。前のポストで言われるように、この器械はウィーンのkunsthistorisches博物館のFerdinand Bol ss "貴婦人mitリラdaビオラダガンバ"のによって絵画に基づかせている。

And here there
are some pictures of the finished instrument.

As said on t
he previous post, this instrument is based on a painting by Ferdinand Bol´s ''Dame mit lira da gamba'' at the kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

It does not follow the exact outline of the painting, on the actual instrument corners are less pronounced (even
though this ''curvy'' shape can be seen on other instrument paintings).

It has thirteen strings ( two bourdons) and even though there is no view of the back it is arched.

Strung all in gut.

The bow is pretty long and it held from the nut without touching the hairs to get the maximung playing length.

This is what Adriano Banchieri said in his "Conclusioni nel suono dell'organo" (Bologna, 1611)

Alle viole devesi tirare le arcate intere, chiare & sonore & in particolare il lirone, ó Viola Bastarda cavarne le parti con molto giuditio & fondamento di buon contraponto & pratica

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