miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Treble Vihuela de Arco on Youtube

This is a video where you can see and hear the Treble Vihuela de Arco I made some time ago.
The band playing is Ensemble 1500 and they are playing Neuma and Alle Psalite from the Montpellier Codex, XIII century.

Hemen orain dela hilabete batzuk egin nuen arku biguela baten bideoa ikus daiteke, eta entzun ere.

Ensemble 1500 da eta Neuma eta Alle Psalite jotzen dute XIII.en mendeko Montpellier eko kodizetik.

En este video podemos ver ( y oir) una vihuela de arco soprano hecha hace algunos meses.Los y las músicas son el Grupo de Música Antiga 1500. Tocan dos piezas del Códice de Montpellier ( S.XIII) Neuma y Alle Psalite

2 comentarios:

Allen Garvin dijo...

Interesting that it's played braccio style. It's too bad they don't show a better picture of the instrument. How many strings does it have and what kind of tuning is used? The bridge looks fairly curved as well...

ander dijo...

Hola, you can find more details about the instrument on the link below. 5 sring, curved bridge, bridge foot acting as a soundpost,tuning g c' e' a' d'' taken from the Munich University Library 4º Cod, ms. 718 dated (1523/4) which comes to be the same as Gerle gave in his Musica Teusch (Nuremberg 1532).